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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are cages for humans? Apparently!

An elderly Hong Kong resident in sits in his tightly quartered home.
Hong Kong is thought of as the city for the rich and prosperous with sky high financial towers, and endless numbers of rich and wealthy citizens. Many parts of it however, are anything but that. Many of the older generation Hong Kongers came from the mainland without families, and after losing their jobs in the dying manufacturing industry, were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. These folks, usually elderly men generally still take part in the work force. Their occupations comprise of the odd and unwanted jobs, most consist of wages under a dollar a day. Despite this, their housing expenses still exceed those of wealthy families per square footage. Within these homes, no larger than a front car seat, lives people aspiring for food, as many of them eat a full meal in a day. Many of these folks result to suicide to ease their grief due to their misfortunes. It is a sick world out there. This is something for the pro capitalist people to consider.

Despite the ongoing actions of humanitarian societies across the globe, and the recent exposure and recognition to the public, these contraptions the government considers 'housing' are still in use, and the conditions have been utterly unchanged. Coverage done by CNN has proved that the living conditions of Hong Kong's lowest form of housing has only slightly improved. The only difference between CNN's findings in the 2000s compared to those of Journyman Pictures in the early 90s were the structure of the beds; the more modern ones are constructed from wood rather than chicken wire. This does not however mean that the old beds have been ceased from use. Despite the beds, every other aspect of the homes have remained unchanged: the bugs, the fire hazards, the lack of proper plumbing, and the overwhelming heat factor.

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