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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

World War III will be in the Far East not the Middle East

Notice how far south China extends their territories.
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Americans, take a look at this when you think the US is being tough on mainland China or suggesting that China is peaceful and harmless; think again. There is a extravagant reason why Asia pacific is a good candidate for World War III, and it is an obvious one too just by looking at the picture. There are similar disputes China has with Japan and Taiwan. The big fight is not about the water, but the thousands of islands located within those zones, which potentially have high amounts of minerals. This picture actually depicts China squeezing countries out of their personal bubble, but this is what is actually happening in real life. As we speak, China is developing military installments within these zones, thus weakening their foreign relations. No wonder wonder why Philippine SWAT "Sorry.We.Aren't.Trained" reacted the way they did during the Manila hostage crisis; they obviously didn't care if there were any Chinese casualties. Little did they know that those tourists were actually from Hong Kong and had little controlling power over the Chinese government.

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  1. Bet my life USA gonna intervene if China does anything hostile.